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ATV/Quad tyre measurements


ATV/Quadbike tyres are commonly measured by height x width x inner wheel diameter in inches.


How to measure bolt pattern

Diagram showing how to measure a bolt pattern.



ATV Wheel Offset Guide


The offset of a wheel will determine where the wheel sits in relation to your vehicle. Every rim has an offset that consists of 2 numbers that are measurements. The first number is the measurement (in inches) from the inside lip of the rim, to the center of the rim where the hub and rim meet. The 2nd number is the measurement (in inches) from the hub to the outside lip of the rim. For example: An ATV wheel with a 4+3 offset will measure 4" from the inside lip to the center of the rim where the hub and rim meet, and then it will measure 3" from the hub to the outside lip. The two numbers added together will total the overall width of the rim. Here are a few pictures and some additional information to help you understand ATV rim offsets.

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How do I read ATV/Quadbike tire sizes?

Example: 25x8-12 Front Tire

  • Diameter = 25"
  • Tire Width = 8"
  • Fits Wheel Diameter = 12"
How do I read ATV wheel sizing?
  • Diameter = 12"
  • Wheel Width = 7"
  • Number of Bolt Holes = 4
  • Spacing of bolt holes = 110 mm (measured from center of one bolt hole across center of wheel to opposite bolt hole) 
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